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Relic Rally 

Super Smash Bros meets Mario Party. 


Created by a team of 12 students using Unity, Relic Rally is a four-player arena fighter with mini-games thrown into the mix for some extra fun. The players will battle it out to see who can get the relic and bring it back to their base first. Once the relic has been collected enough times they will be thrown into a mini-game where the winner gets to pick a territory and buff that will help them out. The territory that they choose will transform into their theme.



  • Local Multiplayer (Up to 4 people).

  • Changing environment based on the 4 themes; Cyberpunk, Nature, Death, and Sweets.

  • Choose your character and unlock their special moves!


3rd Place
People's Choice Award


Concepts and Final Models 

Relic Rally was completed during our spare time while at school. A Good portion of that time we worked 60+ hours a week to meet our deadlines. Most of us ended up taking on new roles and it's fair to say we learned a lot during development about how to make games and ourselves. In the end, we were able to showcase Relic Rally at  Level Up Toronto in 2015 where we were given lots of positive feedback. The most rewarding part of presenting this game seeing how involved in the game players were.


Click on images below to see description. 

Theme Proposals
Nature Hub Concept 01
Nature Hub Concept 02
Death Hub Concept 01
Death Hub Concept 02
Sweets Hub Concept
Death Spawn Concept
Final Death Spawn
Final Cyber Spawn
Final Cyber Spawn
In Game Spawn Points
Final Nature and Cyber Pedestals
Death Territory Design
Final Territory Textures
Capturing the Relic
Mini Game 01
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