Bespoke Games @ Sheridan College  (2016-2017)                  Writer, Level Designer, and Producer

Working collaboratively to create a 2D narrative driven platformer where the player feels like they are the detective. We will be showcasing this game at the 2017 Level Up Showcase in Toronto, Ontario.

Sherpa Games (2016)                                                          
Producer and Game and Level Designer 

Managed and coordinated a team of six to successfully create a tower defense game for IOS that was shown at during GDC 2016.

Sheridan College (2015)                                                         
Game Designer on Relic Rally 

Created a 4 person local multiplayer brawler that was presented in the Level Up showcase in Toronto, Ontario. The game successfully made it to the second and final round of judgment.

Sheridan College (2014-2015)                                                 
Supplemental Instruction Leader – S.I.

Helped first-year students of the Game Design program understand programming logic through the use of Processing and reviewing content in a classroom like environment, as well as successfully helping to solve problems with student’s projects. 


Sheridan College (2013-2017)                                                
BA Game Design

Classes included:

  • Narrative Skills for Game Content Development

  • Non-Linear Storytelling

  • Fundamentals of Game Mechanics

  • 3D Level Design and Environment Development

  • Applied Game Programming