Sherpa Games | 2016

 Nate's Nemesis: Monster Attack  

A Tower Defense game created for IOS  where you can play as Matt the squirrel turned monster by a freak accident in the Canadian hinterland, as he roams around the world destroying famous cities in his search for food. Or push your tactical skills to the limit and take on the role of Commander Nathan, the fearless general in charge of the UN’s Monster Strike team to bring an end to this mutant squirrel’s reign of terror. 



  • Fast action and strategy meet bringing you a humorous light hearted experience that is brought to life with beautiful cartoon art. 

  • Battle in various famous cities around the world, such as Toronto, London, and New York.

  • As Matt the Squirrel harness your mutant abilities like Laser Vision and Sonic Scream to defend yourself against waves of enemies.

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Game Play & Level Design

GOALS: Get units closer to Commander center off screen to do more damage.  

Squirrel:  Keep army units away from center of screen to stay alive 


  • Level Lasts 2:30

  • 5 waves per level

  • Each wave lasts for 30 seconds

  • Each level must be relatively geographically correct 

Squirrel Gameplay Loop
Commander Gameplay Loop
Level 02 Original
Level 2
Level 3
First Paper Prototype
Toronto Level Sketch
Toronto Test Map
Final Toronto Map
Toronto Final Gameplay
London Level Sketch
London Test Map
Final London Map
London Final Gameplay
New York Level Sketch
New York Test Map
Final New York Map
New York Final Gameplay

Report 01

Report 02


We did two major rounds of playtesting. In the first round we took on 4 testers between the ages of 4 and 12 to test our game with their parent present. Play testers were given a pre and post test survey as well as debriefing questions during the session. The second round was the same but both children were 13 years old.


What we found from this was that the UI needed some further work as the players were not clear on how the abilities were affecting the game.


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