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Detective Madson in 

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Bespoke Games | 2016-2017

It's not about how you get information, it's about what you do with the information you've been given.

Jump into a futuristic space noir adventure and take on the role of detective James Madson. Meet a quirky cast of characters as you search for the most handsome man in the galaxy.


Our goal was to make a game the put the player in the shoes of a detective, where they talk to people and make deductions to further their case.

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The Story 

All dialogue in game needs to be quirky and informative in some way for the player. As a result there is no throw away dialogue in the game, everything that is said in game by an NPC provides the player with a clue that can lead them to investigate different locations in the world. 

which were inspired by Disney's theme park weenies. This appears Narrative WeeniesTo do this I created in game as descriptors that help hone the player in on their target goal.    

Story Lines
Full Story Beats
First Critical Path
Critical Path and Red Herrings
Break down of information
Working Through Info in Locations
Information that Player can Track
Final Story Beats
Full Web and Nodes for Critical Path

Narrative Review Report

Narrative Review

Before jumping into writing all the dialogue I handed out a story treatment to other game writer to edit and give feedback. In this I was testing for enjoyment, comprehension, and interest. 

From this I was able to see where I needed to focus my attention and was given some great suggestions on how to enhance the flow of the story.

The Level & Environment 

Our game is a 2D platformer and one of our main concerns was how fun the movement was going to be. We were worried that moving horizontally back and forth through a map would become tiresome and our game does require a fair amount of backtracking so we decided that while the player can still move horizontally, allowing for vertical movement would allow the players to traverse the world in a much more interesting way.


Much of the city's design was inspired by local cities. I took some time looking at their infrastructure so that I could plan out the pipe system and wards in this city.

Initial Sketch
Rough Concept
The Plan
First look in Unity
Pre Alpha Story and Level
Alpha Level
Rework Level
Modular Buildings
Final Map
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